St Philip's Church, Tunbridge Wells

Serving the communities of Sherwood, Sandown, North Farm, Home Farm and Knight's Park


There is lots going on here. St Philip's is at the heart of its local communities, with much more going on than just Sunday services.

We would love to welcome you to church and to take part in the things that we do. We welcome everyone - whoever you are or whatever is going on in your life.

Have a look around our site or take a look at our Philippian magazine.  Why not just drop in and say hello?

We look forward to seeing you

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Thought for the week
In John 12:20, Jesus tells his disciples a short parable about the nature of seeds to explain the spiritual significance of death and rebirth.  

If we want to experience the new life which Jesus offers, then the outer shell of our old, fallen nature must be broken and put to death – and in the process bring glory to God.

Hear more on July 20.